When Men Marry – Why Some Guys Settle Down


Have you been dating a guy for a while and wonder if he is ever going to pop the question? Do you wonder if your boyfriend is actually the marrying type? Do you wonder what it will take for him to settle down and get married?
Men marry at all different stages of life. When men marry it is usually for a very specific reason or group of reasons. Here is a look at several reasons to determine when men marry.
Ready to Move On
One key reason to determine when men marry is that they feel out of their element in places they used to frequent. For example, the singles scene is just now longer appealing to them. Most men eventually grow out of the phase where they like to hang out in bars or dance clubs. When this happens, they begin looking for someone to settle down with and spend the rest of their lives with. This will happen to different guys on a different time schedule. Some men are ready to marry early, while others like to spend a little bit more time being single before settling down.
Financially Independent
When men marry will also depend on how much money they make and when they become more independent. For example, most people don’t make a lot of money immediately after school. If he graduates with a lot of student loans and other bills, he may be struggling to make ends meet. If this is already the case, he may not want to have to try and support a wife all at the same time. However, once a guy gets a few years of work experience under his belt and makes more money, things begin to change. When he becomes financially independent, then he will know that he can support not only a wife, but a family as well. This is great for you as you know when your guy reaches this because you know that he is stable and willing to commit.
Wanting a Child
When men marry has a lot to do about when they start wanting to have a family. You will know when he enters this stage when he starts noticing other children and making comments on them from how cute they are to their actions. Many men want to be young enough in order to play with their children as they grow up. Most men who have a college education start to seriously consider about their mid twenties. Those who go on to graduate school, will start to consider marriage around the ages of 30 to 36. Most guys will stay single once they hit their middle 40s. However, this is not always the case. Some guys mature a little later than others and may find themselves wanting children a little later in life.
If you are looking for a ring, be sure to look for these signs as a sure way to know whether or not he is committed enough to you to take that extra step.
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