What Is a Good Husband?


You ask yourself, what is a good husband? If you want to compare your husband to others, then maybe I can help. If your man already treats you with the up most respect then maybe you might not want to read this.
Here is my one line statement to what I believe is a good husband; is a man who treats his wife with respect, love, and great admiration, with the ability to communicate always. Now let me break that down for you in simple language.
I always like to refer to the wedding ring; a wedding ring is circle of a husband and wife, one on each side trying to become one. The good husband is only one half of that circle always should be trying to please is wife. Really it is almost impossible to be a good husband on your own; after all you’re both in the marriage together.
A good husband not only is a mate but also represents his wife with dignity and honor when in public or around friends. The economy as caused changes to the family structure over the years, but still it remains the man’s duty to honor his wife.

A good husband should be interested in his wife’s life, not his own and he should always be there for her. Remember as a husband you share everything with her including a house, family, and intimacy.
As a good husband one should strive to be a good father to his children. Being a good father also means a good provider to his family even though both may contribute to the family income. Try to be a leader and spokesman for your family and yes there are times you will make mistakes, nobody is perfect.
Probably on of the hardest //pagead2.googlesyndication.com/pagead/js/adsbygoogle.js
(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); things for a husband to do is care about his wife’s well-being during sickness and throughout any health problems, again being there for her. Pamper her with kind remarks and always tell her how beautiful she looks.
Above all be generous to your wife, do not forget the important dates in her life and reward her when time comes because she will love thoughtful gifts given to her from her special man.
A good husband is one who loves to cuddle and touch his wife showing her affection. Remember to kiss her when you leave the house and show your love to her simply by a slight touch.
A good husband is all of the above and then some. Caring, loving, and affection will make your communication skills even better. When being a good husband, your wife will also return your goodness back to you showing you that she is a good wife also.

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