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I love desserts, eats and cooking , i love cooking for my family they love desserts so much special my kids as every kids around the world , but i try to control sugar as i can , but when there is some of events or occasions like birthdays or valentine day , i love to make some of dessert suitable for occasion we celebrate about it ,dessert make occasions special , and lovely for our family , when we gather to eat it , special when you are make it not buy it , it’s different felling , felling about warm house , when you cooking special the dessert in some special days you make some lovely memories your kids remember these memories along time , and they will carry it in their heart forever , for that it’s important to make some effort to make memories ,

Some times i see kind of dessert i love it or new for me or i didn’t do it before , and i decided to make it ,what i do , i make search for ingredients and directions , with all trust i made it and i ‘m so sure about result and i surprise about bad result i get it , that situation make me upset and angry , desperate ,

After some of these positions , i decided to didn’t try new recipes for special occasions i care about it , and i try new recipe in normal days and when i approve the recipe i can make it anytime i want , in my special days as i want .

But if you scare about making dessert or cooking in general , can you try my advice to select some easy recipes and make it in normal days , if you find your family love it and you made that recipe in good test , you can save it the ingredients , also choose the recipes didn’t need big effort , try some easy recipes and also so yummy , you can mix it that important two factors ,

For that i try it to collect some of easy and so yummy recipes for valentine day , it’s lovely event to celebrate with your family , in this article you will find my favorite recipes to cooking in valentine , all recipes here easy and so tasty ,and the most important here , all of your family will love it .

If you need my help to ask about anything in making any recipe techniques , leave your comment here , or i will be so happy if you like my page in face book , or follow me at pinetrest .

Now we can start our recipes collection for valentine , let’s begin ;

1- Waffle recipe .

so yummy and so easy dessert recipe to make it for your lovely family , but you must have waffle iron or you get waffle pan to make .



Enter to recipe

If you or your family ” cookies lover ” that’s recipe suitable for you and your family , for grantee success this recipe you must care about technique in steps , enter to whole recipes and see how to make this lovely kind of butter cookies .

3- Pavlova recipe


Pavlova the most easiest and tasty dessert recipe , and most dessert suitable for celebrate valentine day , and all kids love it so much also the oldest people .

4- heart napoleon dessert .


This recipe the easiest recipes here , made by puff pasty , i love puff-pastry you can by this dough make a lot of different recipes , salty or sweet , you will find it frozen in grocery store , keep it always in your freezer , it can help you to make fast dessert any time , so useful pastry .

I will soon add ” homemade puff pastry ” step by step and video , i love to made this pastry at home , the taste is different when this dough homemade

5- Black forest cake .


Can you make this cake for a lot of different events or special days , so tasty so yummy , if you like the birthdays cake you will love this kind of cake , it’s mixing with chocolate cake and vanilla wiping cream , so lovely and suitable for valentine day celebrate , try it don’t afraid from baking .

If you need to any help with any recipe , leave your comment here or be friend with me in fan page at face book , or i will be so happy to follow me in pinterest , see you soon with more lovely and happy occasions , love you all my friends , and thank you for support me always by reading and follow my steps .

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  1. Thank you for sharing these dessert ideas. I am into baking now since I decided to buy a new oven and I am taking my time learning the techniques of proper baking. I am sure your family loved them all 🙂

    1. i hope to try to cook this recipe it’s very successful , and if you need ask for anything ,you’re welcome anytime.

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