simple and easy way to cook beef liver with garlic

beef liver

Have you ever eat the beef liver before , most of us don’t like even try it to eat liver , the beef liver content a lot of vitamins your body need it ,  liver is one of the most nutrient dense foods available to us It contains a large amount of high-quality protein, an easily absorbed form of iron, all of the B vitamins (including B12 and folic acid in significant amounts), balanced quantities of vitamin A, many trace elements and minerals including copper, zinc, chromium, phosphorous and selenium, essential fatty acids , for all this benefits i tried to cook liver and i making delicious meal for my family include beef liver some times we eat it liver with macaroni another time we eat it by pita bread and French fries so delicious meal for all family and so easy and fast lets start our recipe steps 

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250 g liver 
  2 Clove garlic  ( mashed )
 1 teaspoon cumin
 1/2 teaspoon Chile peppers powder  
 lemon ( juice  &  slice ) 
 parsley ( for decoration ) 
 oil ( for cooked ) 


mix and mashed ( garlic , cumin chili powder, lemon juice )
add the mixture to the liver after wash the liver by water 
turn on the fire and put the oil until heat add the liver
  • stir the liver by spoon on medium heat .
  • cover the liver about 10 min  until cooked .
  • after cooked add more lemon juice for more taste .

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One thought on “simple and easy way to cook beef liver with garlic

  1. My mother taught me to but the baby beef liver as it's tender and more flavourful. She soaks it in milk, dredges it in just a little flour to give it some crispness during cooking, and cooks it with bacon and lots of fried onions. It's so good!I will have to try your version with the garlic. I'm sure it is just as tasty 🙂

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