second birthday plan

second birthday plan

Age 2

Hosting a party for two-year-olds presents unique challenges. They can go from anger to excitement in minutes — so you need to be prepared for a full range of emotions. Most twos are still very possessive of their toys; they may offer them to each other but will want them right back. It’s best to put away your child’s favorite toys before inviting a party full of friends over (sharing and taking turns will come later).

  • It’s best not to open gifts at the party since most guests won’t understand that they can’t take theirs home.
  • Don’t plan organized games since parallel play is all you can expect from most twos.
  • Try sand, clay or water play activities since most twos like to work with their hands. Do some activities outdoors if possible since twos like making a mess.
  • Be sure to host your small guests in a completely baby-proofed room since twos are adept at opening doors and finding hazards.
  • Remember that lighted candles can be dangerous — make sure no bows, ruffles or pigtails are ignited.
  • Avoid balloons, which present a choking hazard when they pop.

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