sable cookies

This cookies kind of butter cookies , its so delicious easy to make it try for your family and they will love it , you can present 2 cookies stick each other with jam or you can present by alone like any other cookies , let’s begin our recipe for today .


6 cups of flour
500 G butter
1 cup icing sugar
2 whole eggs
1 teaspoon vanilla
3 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of lemon zest
jam for decoration
icing sugar for decoration
Bake in oven ( 150 D ) about 12 min
 ** after bake the cookies put in storage containers and cover it FOR STILL SOFT  **


In bowl add soft butter .
Add the icing sugar to the butter .
by electric mixer Beating the butter and sugar until the butter color is light .
After that add the egg one by one and vanilla .
After that add the shift flour and baking powder , lemon zest , and mixed it by spoon not use mixer.
Until make dough , wrap the dough and put it in refrigerator about 25 min. 
 spread the dough on flour surface and cut circle
and make half the dough another shape , like in photo ( circle and hole in center ) .
Bake the dough in oven at ( 150 D ) about 12 min .
after the cookies be cool stick every two shape by jam , and sprinkle the icing sugar on top .
** if you need any help or ask anything about this recipe or any other recipes you can write your question under this post or in our face book page **


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