plan birthday for 3 years kids

birthday for 3

Age 3
It’s not until they hit three that children begin to really understand parties. Those who are used to group settings from preschool, daycare or playgroups usually love a chance to celebrate. (If your child is shy, however, keep that in mind when making your plan.)

  • Singing and circle activities work better than group games for most threes.
  • Threes like imitation, so try a simple version of Simon Says (without expecting them to know left from right).
  • Threes usually enjoy playing with other children briefly but still have trouble cooperating. Don’t expect too much of your guests.
  • It’s best not to open gifts at the party since most guests won’t understand that they can’t take theirs home.
  • Keep the party to about 90 minutes to avoid over-stimulating them (and exhausting you).

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