Olive Oil For Soft Hands And Feet


Olive Oil For Soft Hands And Feet:
Natural Recipes Not Only For Dry Skin

Beneficial properties of olive oil are well known throughout the world. We use it in the kitchen to enrich our meals in terms of taste and nutritional values.
Did you know that olive oil can be a great natural cosmetic as well?
What makes the olive oil so valuable for the skin:
– Olive oil contains omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which keeps your skin soft and smooth to the touch
– It is rich in mono saturated fats, that are known to have big importance to our health
– Olive oil is filled with vitamin E (especially the extra-virgin unrefined / unprocessed / olive oil ) that is a famous antioxidant. It prevents oxidation in skin cells so, as a result, skin looks much younger and less wrinkles appear in the skin surface.
Benefits of the olive oil to your skin:
– Extra virgin oil moisturizes the skin. It can be very effective if you have extremely dry skin
– It will make your hands baby soft and smooth
– It can help with scars: olive oil will not erase them out, but it can reduce the scar redness and soften it definitely
– It diminishes wrinkles and makes skin look younger in a natural way.
On the market there are many companies that offer cosmetics and beauty products based on olive oil, like soaps, body wash, face creams, body scrubs (with olive seed powder ) etc.
In this article I will give you some homemade treatments based on olive oil to make your hands and feet silky soft.
So… What to buy it? How to pick the best olive oil?
– Choose extra-virgin olive oil or virgin olive oil in order to achieve the most antioxidant benefits. Virgin means it was produced without chemicals
– The color should be greenish
– The best type of olive oil is cold pressed, because this way of production helps to preserve the richness of nutrients.

Natural olive oil recipes for hands and feet

For soft hands:

1. To moisturize hands during the day, simply apply few drops of olive oil to your hands and rub it gently into your skin. If you have very dry skin, you will feel a relief immediately!
2. If you are looking for extra softening and regenerating effect, try this recipe that will make the olive oil work all night long for your beauty 🙂
You will need: extra vergine olive oil, cotton gloves, natural sea salt OR sugar OR gentle skin scrub cosmetic.
What you need to do:
– Ex foliate your hands first. You can use either a gentle peeling or loofah from the store, but for the best healing effect try one of those two natural defoliator: mix olive oil with a little amount of sugar OR with a natural sea salt. If you have very dry or sensitive skin, try this mixture first on a small skin surface, because salt can irritate the skin if it is very sensitive. Do not ex foliate if you have small injuries on the skin surface!
– If everything is OK, apply the exfoliating mixture to your hands and rub them for a moment. Don’t forget about your fingers! 😉 Then wash off the mixture.
– Apply olive oil on your hands. The top of each hand should be well-covered with it.
– Put on the cotton gloves and go to sleep. You should slip in cotton gloves.
– When you wake up, wash your hands with gentle soap and warm water. You will notice the difference just after the first try.

Olive oil recipe for soft feet

Do this treatment before going to bed.
You will need: a product to ex foliate heels, like pumice rock or other product of your choice, soap, water, cotton socks and olive oil.
What you need to do:
– Wash feet with soap and warm water. Scrub heels with your preferred ex foliation method – this will help to get rid of dead skin cells so that the olive oil can penetrate the skin better and cure it faster. When you finish, rinse feet with warm water and make sure to remove all dirt, soap and ex foliating product pieces.
– Pat dry with a clean towel.
– Apply olive oil onto your skin (one tablespoon for each feet should be enough, but you can apply more oil if you feel so). Massage feet and heels in a circular manner with your fingers for a few minutes. Then put on the cotton socks and go to sleep.

-In the morning clean your feet.

If you have big problems with the skin around your feet, it is probable that only one treatment will not be enough to solve them. But don’t worry! 🙂 Simply repeat it few times a week until you achieve desired result – baby smooth feet.

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