How to organize daily kids routine


Our kids the most important in our life , we care about them and we want to the best for them , and we know anything we try to learn them it’s effect on them in future for that we try to make there future is better .
If you have kids and you live  day by day without any plan for anything you will feel your days so crazy also your life , if you have a plan you will find  your life more calm and make your days more easy and smooth ,
The daily kids routine it’s so important for you also for the kids, they must know it what they must do every day , not waiting you to told him every day what they do , like take a shower , brush tooth, brush hair  etc ,,,,
think about what you want your kids everyday from they wakeup in the morning until go to bed in the evening , when you organize your kids life that effect in your life and your mood as organized mom .
I try it to create table for my kids daily routine and i share it with you if you want you can download in the end  of this article ,
also now i can tell you some of my ideas about daily kids 
routine , 

  • wake up at [ 00.00 ] you want .

  • wash face .
  • have breakfast .
  • brush teeth.
  • get dressed for school.
  • makeup the bed .
  • brush hair .
  • have dinner.
  • study .
  • read a book .
  • take a shower .
  • get sleep in time .

All that tings you only one decide depends on your kids age , and what you already do everyday .

Take a paper & pan and start to write what your kids already do in the day and what you want to adding your daily kids routine to make them better , you can print my ” kids daily routine ” and add you want if you wish .
I hope you find this article is helpful , download the daily kids routine .


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