How To Get Your Man To Love You Always

how to get your man love you always
When passion wanes, women often find it difficult to keep their men interested in them sexually. Here is how to get him interested in you again.

(1) Keep your man on his toes

Build a cloud of mystery around you. A certain degree of elusiveness and unpredictability will make him crave for more of you. Never reveal too much of yourself. Send him confusing signals by being dominating and pliable, and innocent and naughty, all at the same time. This will make him want to explore you more and keep him hooked to you.

(2) Stop being overly nice all the time
An over dosage of nicety can put you in the risk of losing the power of seduction. Occasionally let out hints of dark shades in your character. Be a little bit mean or nasty if required at times, but not to be uninteresting.

(3) Boost your sex appeal
Do not be too complacent after marriage. Make yourself visually appealing to him. Groom yourself by putting on a perfume, wearing clothes, shoes and make-up that suit your taste and personality. All these efforts will also make you feel confident and good about you.

(4) Address his emotional and intellectual needs
You should know about the things he likes – his favorite colors, movies, songs, dishes, fetish, etc. Give him pleasant surprises by pampering him with some of his favorites. Adopt yourself to his likes, dislikes and moods. Once you are able to tune in to his needs, he will be unable to turn his back on you.

(5) Make him feel respected
On top of every man’s wish list is to have the respect from his partner. Make him feel through your words and actions that you value his presence in your life.

(6) Make him feel good
Boost his confidence by telling him directly or subtly whatever you like about him. Human beings crave for compliments and affection. Making him feel good should get him to open up with you.

(7) Give him moral support
Tell him you will always be there behind him in all the things he does. Praise him for making an effort and wish him better luck next time when he encounters set-backs. Avoid using overly harsh words on him even if you disagree with him, as this may cause irreparable damage to your relationship.

(8) Make him feel good in bed
The feeling of being unable to satisfy his partner sexually can hurt his morale and confidence. Compliment him on his performance and the things that he does that turn you on and arouse you a lot. However, this does not prevent you from offering some feedbacks on how to please you correctly. Faking orgasm can only make him feel being treated like a fool.

(9) Seduce him
Buy sexy lingerie especially to seduce him. If he wants to try new things such as different sexual positions different places and time for having sex, let him do so. Of course, on certain things that you are not comfortable with, give him subtle hints or tell him how he can improve on them.

(10) Take charge at times
Don not behave like a dead fish in bed and expect him to do everything all the time. It is okay if you take the initiative at times. That will turn him on and make him feel wanted.
To keep your man interested in you, you need to play the role of seducer and make him fall in love with you.

how to get your man love you always

18 thoughts on “How To Get Your Man To Love You Always

  1. These are definitely true. I think both the husband and wife should make their partner feel respected and cared for. This is good advice to those who are newly married as well.

  2. These are some great tip to use to keep your man interested in you. I think that these suggestions can work both ways for you and your man. These are great ways to show appreciation.

  3. LOL! I was reading the 3rd tip and i thought you just stopped at “wear clothes”. I was thinking.. not necessarily 😉 But it's so true. I am guilty of spending my day in a bathrobe. I should probably learn to put on clothes and make myself presentable..

  4. Wow these are some great ways to express love to our man… Some of your tips like dressing up for him makes me remind that since we had a kid I just started being in my night dress all day long 😀

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