How Do I Know if My Baby’s Ready For Night Weaning

If your baby’s at least 4 to 6 months old, you can probably begin to wean her from nighttime feedings. Of course, even if your baby doesn’t need to eat in the middle of the night, she may still wake up wanting to. Babies who are used to eating several times a night tend to wake up out of habit, and it can take time to change this routine.
It’s hard to maintain your own health and well-being if you’re chronically sleep deprived. So the decision to end to your baby’s night feeding depends in part on how it’s affecting you.
If you enjoy nursing or giving a bottle to your baby at night, there’s no reason to stop – she’ll eventually quit on her own. On the other hand, if you find yourself feeling grumpy and exhausted – and your baby’s physically ready for the change – maybe it’s time.
If you’re not sure whether your baby’s ready, talk to your child’s doctor. The doctor can help you sort through all the issues and help you make your decision based on how your baby’s growing.

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