How did you know your skin type ?

When we thinking about care of our skin , we must know what kind of type skin we have for right care routine and get the good looking skin , there is a different types of skin , and every body have type of skin must know what is it for good care and use suitable products , for that let’s begin to talk about our first type in this article and recognize yours .

The first type of skin we will talking about it it’s ;

1- Normal skin .

The normal skin is the rarest skin type of all other types , it usually has an even texture and its has no noticeable problems,the specifications ;

  • smooth texture .
  • healthy glow .
  • fine pores .
  • no visible blemishes .
  • no greasy patches .
  • no flaky areas .
  • moisture content well balanced .
  • pimples are rare .

2 – Oily skin .

oily skin specifications ;

  • look shiny .
  • enlarged pores situated around .
  • the nose , chin and forehead .
  • blackheads and blemishes .

3- Dry skin .

dry skin specification ;

  • scaly and flaky .
  • feels tight after cleaning and dry to touch .
  • red patches .
  • dry hands and feet .

4- Sensitive skin .

  • red patches and feel irritated .
  • the skin tends to be delicate with fine pores .
  • may have broken capillaries around the nose or on the cheeks .

5- Combination skin .

As name of this type of skin it’s combines from different aspects of both dry and oily skin types ,

  • medium sized pores .
  • oily t-zone ( being the forehead,nose and chin .
  • rest of face have a smooth .
  • black head are often found around the nose .

After all this kinds of skin types i hope to be recognize your’s and waiting our next to article about how do you right care about your skin type , if this article useful for you or help you any way ,please leave your comment under the article or join with us in face-book group .

4 thoughts on “How did you know your skin type ?

  1. Thank you for this guide! I feel like my skin is combination most of the time, but definitely dry in the winter. Meh, the curses of living in a place with all four seasons. lol

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