family life for your child ( from 2-3 ) years old


Now your status as a family is settle down and become  known pattern , and adaptable with emotional and physical changes , maybe also financial changes that happen with new baby , but about your kid he is still adaptable with a lot of new changes and he need to time and encourage to learn how deal with it .  

Parents Responsible 
the seriousness of responsibility about another life person requires deeply transform in parent learning , and must be the family life is settle down in third year with a specific routine to parents with individual role or shared role and can be this period rewarding amazingly .

family relationship  
whether your child is a lone or you have another child , the relationship with other so important for your child to enrich his life however the engagement with his parents is initial relationship based on love without any conditions ,is necessary for your child to get love and sympathy from others , maybe he grow up the relationship with his grandparents or babysitter and must you encouraging him to do that and support him  .

The rivalry between brothers

in this age the children tends to expression an maximum love or heats to a new baby and lot of time he do this in same hour ,some of children acclimate easy and satisfaction without concern to this new baby , but another children filing dangerous from new changes in family .
your skills lie as a mother to recognition the good time to involvement or not and its important to make time for every child to listen to his problems and try to respond and try to get solution thats make good for all family . 
otherwise the children in age 2 years , can be loved to  independent but in same time they still need to care and time individually , and you must stressed on your child about his roll as a big brother .

Special time .

Try to friction probability a competition with brothers by secure period of care every day for every child , choose something you can do together with older child , the younger child can’t do it .
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