daily recipes for nutrition our kids cookbook


Why i thought about create this book ?
you know ” Research has found that children are not getting enough essential nutrients  ” so these are important to keep in mind when planning your child’s diet , and as any other moms i found i make it the same recipes for my family and i didn’t try new ingredients from vegetables or meat , and when i want make new recipe i make search to find good one and some times the recipe is failing because the ingredients not tested .
for that all , i decided to collect recipes mix with good taste and good and different ingredients suitable for all family 

What is this book content ?
you will find in this book 7 section consisting of 
1- recipes for breakfast
4-recipes for every ingredient ” every recipe consisting of different kind of vegetables .
6-kids recipes ” most of recipes kids love it ” 
7-beverages .

why bought this book ?
1- you will find 90 recipes in one book .
2- you will find recipe for every kind of vegetables .
3- you will know information how much your kids must nutrition from everything .
4- all of the recipes in book are tested .
5- All recipes in book suitable for all family not for kids only .
6- you will find new recipes from different cuisines .
7- most of recipes explained by photos.

See some of recipes from book ,,,,

Other recipes photo ,,,

Another one ,,,,

HOW I BUY this book ?
from pay hip you can download the book 

How much it cost ? 
  $ 10 

Buy Nowhttps://payhip.com/btn.js

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