child development ” stage form 2-3 years ”


threw the third year for your child life , he will develop and turn to unique personality  , has physical talent  and good ability to verbal expression about his motion , also start discovery how the world is wide .

His independence .

in this stage your child develop change from focus about himself to awareness about others and events around him , also this stage your are spend your time in balance between increasing your child desire to independence more and his ability , for that your child needs your help .

Convergence .

Maybe this time is a good time as family to spend time with your child in walk at public garden  or read a book or go to market , and may your child excites you with spontaneous eruptions by hug and irresistible smile and you will find yourself reacting with him . 

Characteristics of the child .

It’s important to didn’t mix with characteristics family or a latent personality between difficult child behavior , the stubborn behavior  is special thing for the children in this age , and not evidence what your child will be in future , its difficult time to live with 2 years child don’t want to do important thing . 

The emphasis positive sides .

It’s true in this stage like his hobbies for your child to said ” NO ” but can be the reason for that he is hear this word a lot around from older people , it’s useful to try reduction say ” NO ” and think to change your language speaking to funny way or challenge way as say to him ” can you wear your shoes before i open my eyes ” , it’s time to strength the positive behavior and remember when he say ”no ” its positive thing it’s reaction to independent his  personalty , in this stage your child want from you ” LOVE ” unconditional love .


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