6 main types of woman’s hair

When you are looking for good condition of your hair , you must know what’s your hair type, there is a different hair types ,and you must recognize your’s for get right product hair like ” shampoo or conditioner ” and get good hair looking ,

Just like your hair color, the type of your hair, (the texture of your hair) becomes part of you and your hair “routine” from a very early age. As an adult, you probably notice and feel that the texture of your hair is different than it was when you were five or even 12 years old. Don’t worry; it’s a normal (and sometimes unfortunate) part of growing up.

For that we will talk in this article about all of main hair types as known to help you recognize your hair type , let’s start our article now ;

1- straight hair .

There is 3 types of straight hair , the type number one of straight hair we will called this type ” type A ” this type is fine , it’s soft ,shiny,and wispy , it’s looks perfect and feels also but the most of time the lacks volume ,
If you have this kind of straight hair, you can follow any of the styling tips for thin hair (such as a layered cut and color ) .

The next one type of straight hair we will called ( type B )
it’s a little thicker than fine hair. It also has more volume and is easier to manage. Women with this type of straight hair are good candidates for many of the sleek and sophisticated looks The hair isn’t too thick to make it hard to manage and not too thin that you’ll see a lot of your scalp.

The third type of straight hair we will called ( type C ) it’s
thickest of all types of straight hair , It can be difficult to manage, and it’s the most difficult to set curls, Layered cuts that are long in length may make styling this type of hair the easiest. Short cuts work well (and feel lighter, too), but require quite a bit of maintenance .

2- wavy hair .

Same in the straight hair there is 3 types of wavy hair ,

The first type of wavy hair will called ( w1) , this kind of wavy hair , it’s beachy hair , it has a slight bend to the hair shaft, and it doesn’t get as frizzy as other types of hair.

Since this type of hair is typically finer hair, a shoulder length cut makes the hair type most manageable.

The second type of wavy hair type it’s called ( w2 ) , that’s type of wavy hair a little tighter and more defined than first wavy type ,
waves are prone to frizz, but the right hair product can help make this hair type a little more manageable.

The third type of wavy hair will called ( w 3 ) , it’s look like you have curly hair, as you might have loose spiral curls. While your waves probably get a ton of compliments on a “good hair day,” frizz can be your biggest enemy.

3- curly hair .

curly hair has more curly than wavy hair ,
Even though curly hair can be difficult to manage at times, you don’t need (nor should you) wash your hair every day because your hair is drier than straight hair. While there are many styles and cuts you can enjoy when you have curly hair,

there are also three types of curly hair ,let’s start by ;

First type of curly hair we called ( c 1 ) ,  it’s the finest and has the biggest and loosest curls. Due to the size of the curls, it’s the easiest to manage even though it’s prone to frizz (like all curly hair).

THE Second TYPE OF CURLY HAIR , will called ( c2 ) , this type of curly hair has  the springy ringlets ,Your curls aren’t too thick or too delicate. With a proper moisturizing product, you can maintain your picture perfect curls.

The third type of curly hair , has the curls are coarse and not soft , but Using the right product can help soften your curls a bit.

4- Coily Hair .

Coily hair is a some type of curly hair . Women with curly hair often opt to keep their hair short or have dreads, to make coily hair more manageable, but there are a variety of styles that look great. Like other textures of hair, coily hair has three types.

The first type of coily hair will called hair ( co1 ) , it’s has fine texture This type of coily hair appears thick due to the tightly coiled s-curls. While some women with curly hair Type be hesitant let their curls be as is, put away the hair straightener and let your curls do their natural thing.

The next type of coily hair type , that’s called ( co2 ) , it’s has  more of a Z-shaped pattern , While this type of coily hair is soft to the touch, it is also more fragile and varies in thickness.

The third type of coily hair and last type , will called ( co3 ) , is very similar the type co2 type , because there are more z-shaped curls the whole head of hair appears to have a shape as afro. Sometimes, with coily hair, it’s best to embrace the natural shape of the curls rather than trying to tame or manipulate them.

5-Thick Hair.

 If you were preparing to put up a ponytail and your scalp is barely visible, you have thick hair, Women who have thick hair can have straight, wavy, or curly hair. There are no “rules” when it comes to types of hair, and you’ll find that every woman has a different combination of thickness/texture, thick hair is often hard to manage and feel pretty heavy .

6- Thin/Fine Hair .

Thin hair it just often looks like you have a lot less hair on your head (even if you have a lot). If you want thicker hair, you’ve probably noticed hundreds of products and formulas that are designed to thicken hair,

While your thin hair comes from genetics, you may also find some success with thickening your hair if you live a healthy lifestyle and eat a well-balanced diet; vitamins can help, too. If you’re eager to try out a few natural home remedies for thickening your hair, go ahead and try them out but remember that there’s no guarantee.

A layered cut with some added color is a great look for a woman with thin hair as it’s a cut that makes the hair look thick.

I hope to find this article useful for you ,Wait for my new article about ” How did you right care about you hair ”

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  1. I’m such a dummy when it comes to this and I had mixed babies… I had no idea how to help my daughter’s hair sense mins stick straight and hers is super curly. This was super informative.

  2. I agree with the above commenter — I have fine/mostly straight hair and my daughter has BEAUTIFUL thick curls. I’m so clueless. I need curl training!

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