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10 of Summer Recipes

For dinner or breakfast it’s cool


It’s sound so yummy and so exciting when here summer , special when we talking about cooking .

Summer recipes sound that so funny , at summer we need to cooking some different of recipes .

We need at summer some of quick and colorful and fresh recipes .

for that i share with you 10 summer recipes , i hope you try them you will love it .

1- pizza

it’s summer day for bake some pizza yummy yummy for your kids , i love Summer Recipes .

homemade pizza1

2- watermelon and feta salad .

summer days need some of fresh foods and colorful to make your days more happy and fresh , for that try this delicious summer salad .

watermelon salad with feta cheese

3- Easy french toast recipe

In summer days you can start your days with dessert or sweet start at breakfast , start your day by making very yummy breakfast .

4- Corn on the cob boiled in milk recipe

fresh , fresh that’s time of year need some fresh dishes , yes it’s time for eat some corn , kids loves special when eat it on cob .

corn on the cob 1

5- Cordon Bleu Chicken

At summer dinner you can try some of restaurant recipes at home special if you want make your dinner special for your family .

cordon bleu chicken

6- Easy pancake recipe from scratch

Most of us made pancake for breakfast at home , but a lot of us search for perfect tasty recipe for that i share with you my approved recipe .


7- Homemade tortillas recipe .

this bread most easiest bread recipe you can find it and the taste so yummy , and suitable to use at breakfast and lunch or dinner .


8- Easy Creamy pasta with shrimp .

seafood when be fresh , so good for summer days special when be with pasta .

creamy pasta with shrimp

9-Egg cheese bread bowl .

brunch time at summer so exciting for that you can try some of exciting recipes .

egg cheese bread

10- Potato salad .

potatoe salad

this salad suitable for summer days , easy and fast to make it any day at summer .

7 thoughts on “10 of Summer Recipes

  1. Oh my gosh that watermelon and feta salad looks sooo yummy! Actually everything does! I pinned this because I’m sure these will come in handy!

  2. These recipes look yummy! I love the fact most of them are super easy to make as well. 🙂 I have had corn made a lot of different ways, but have never had it boiled in milk before. I may have to try that!

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